Top Three 2015 Summer Sandals

Hey guys, I know I might be jumping the gun over here considering as I’m typing this i’m completely covered from head to know in long sleeve shirts and blankets, but let’s talk summer. More specifically, let’s talk summer shoes and sandals and the trends we expect to see in the next few months.

1. Valentine Brogues
valentine brogues
Whyyyyy do I love this shoe? Because it’s absolutely fabulous and it keeps your feet cool! Literally, in two ways; they’re breezy and super chic. Rock ‘em with some shorts and a tank and your casual look just turned real fab real fast. ;)
Btw, get these guys here:

2. Lace Up Sandals
lace up sandalslace up sandals
Next on the list is lace ups. Whether you wanna the bad ass gladiator tall look or keep it casual with some shorties, these are always a great choice. Warning: the tall ones could make your legs look really short, google Kyle Richards in them if you don’t believe (sorry girl, love you still), but they’re so cute it could be worth the risk. Especially if you wear them with a cute skirt or dress! The shorter ones can basically be worn with anything. They can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day or where you’re going. For example, you could wear them with a nice pair of shorts and a cute top tucked in and you’ve got yourself a summer night going out outfit!
You can find these boy boys here

3. Birkenstocks
Birks these days are getting a bit more glamorous than the rep they once previously held. The style on top is their Mayari Antique Lace and the bottom is Gizeh Sun Patent. This is such a classic brand when it comes to summer time shoes that they’re always a safe bet. The reason I like these two styles is because they’re different than the classic Birkenstocks you’re used to seeing. These ones are fun, different and can seriously spice up your outfit; whether you’re on the boat in your suit or walking around town from store to store.
Found ‘em on nothing other than the company’s website.

So, those are my top three summer sandal trends for this upcoming summer. A little premature some may say, but I say it’ll be here sooner than we know it, so get on your A game. And the sooner you know the shoes you’ll be rocking all summer long the sooner you can figure out the shorts you need to buy! Which reminds me, upcoming summer outfit trends will be posted soon so stay tuned! Tweet me if you have any opinions on my picks, I want to hear them!

Why wear Stripes?

Because everyone is wearing them! The fashion world is always on the look out for something new or re-invents a look and makes it the next big thing, which they did with the striped pants.

Initially, these pants were being used in a circus and were also part of a prisoner’s uniform but now, it is considered to be one of the staples in a woman’s wardrobe.

Of course since everyone is wearing them, you cannot all look alike. It’s like being in uniform but you are not in the same company or school. Here are the different styles that can be perfect for work and play.

For the types of stripes, these are what I found online: wide leg, skinny and pleated. Looking at the images in Google search, these styles seem to be the most common designs women go for.

I searched Resultly to check the designs and prices of the striped pants that they have available. View my fantastic striped pants search here.

Wide leg and pleated can both be worn in the office that is if your stripes are just the black and white. However, I think the gray with white and blue with white stripes can be used for work too since these colors are acceptable for the corporate world’s power dress code.

This American Apparel high-waist pleated striped pant is an example.

striped pants

For the photo above, I would say that the entire look is a bit monotonous so you can add a bit of pizzazz in this look by accessorizing. Wear a different belt color (probably a dark red or mustard yellow) or wear a neckpiece that will complete your look.

For the skinny striped pants, you can wear a loose top to have a variation. The usual stripes for this pant is vertical which is why these will make you look longer because it is snug to your skin.

striped pants

Small-framed women need not to worry for this trend however for plus-size women, you do not have to avoid this trend but just make sure that you choose the right stripes for you. The skinny striped pants will be nice as it elongates you rather than widen your look visually. To further deviate from your weight, it will be nice to wear heels with this outfit. Make sure that you get the size that you are comfortable with and not the size you wish you can fit in to. As for the wide leg and pleated pants, this will again be a slimming look just make sure you choose the right color for your top and if you will be doing a bit of layering, choose the fabric and clothes that will not make you look heavyset.

One Night In Nude Dress


If there is any special occasion in one woman’s life it is her Prom Night. Wedding is a different story…  My little sister had to find a perfect prom dress  a  last summer and she was very specific that her “dream dress” had to be a nude dress.

As her older sister I felt like I should get her what she wants no matter what. So, the hunting for a nude dress was on.

From every corner tore to the stores in downtown, we have been in all of them. Unfortunately, it was not successful for many reasons. First of all, my sister is very tall so some dresses look too short or not nice at all. Second of all, we had some budget to follow. As you all, know a good dress is not that cheap. And the last problem we had, nude is not that easy color to find when it comes to dresses. If it was a pair of shoes to find , we could be done with shopping in no time. However, it was not the case. So, we could keep looking and running like two crazy girl all around the store and millions of dressing rooms. I can not even remember how many of the dresses she had to try on. I think at least thirty for sure.

Finally, we got super lucky online. A friend of hers recommended one shopping app (Resultly), we did some search and found a couple of dresses that could work for us in terms of money and my little sister actually liked. We ordered three dresses and she loved the first one that was delivered in a couple of days.

It was a long nude dress with some crystals around the chest cut. She looked like a real princess! It was actually too long , so we ended up taking it to a taylor, but it was totally worth it. I had no idea that dress in such a plain color can look so not plain! Maybe it is because my sister has a little darker skin, or because that specific dress was just stunning by itself.

My mom got her some nice diamond earrings as a gift to match the nude dress and I ended up buying her nude shoes as well. Of course, we ended up spending more what we planned at the beginning , but you can not say “no” to my sister . I mean I cant say that… or either our mom.

The bottom line is that my sister loved the dress and other gifts form both of us. She looked absolutely gorgeous at her prom night. Everyone loved her look and she got tons of compliments!

We would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about getting a nude dress for a prom or other special event to try that for sure!

My Alaia Shoes

You know when you’re sitting in class and the girl next to you turns towards you and asks, “where’d you get those shoes“?  Well, let me tell you how I answer that question. This happened to me yesterday while casually not listening to Mrs. Kane so I answered faster than she could catch me doodling my name in my paper. “Oh, these are Alaia shoes, I found them on shoes


Although I may have second guessed my decision to wear 5 inch heels to school when you can barely find other girls rocking anything else but yoga pants, I said “whatever losers”.  I’m hot and you’re not. I paired them with a some chic lime yellow shorts, at the finger tips ladies, and then a classic white button down shirt. Tucked in of course!

I’m pretty obsessed with keeping up with the trends, as well as the Kardashians, and that’s pretty much where I’ve gained my inspiration from.  I read online how Kim was seen at Paris Fashion Week in Alaia leggings, so I thought I might as well.

I can’t decide how crazy I am about the lavender color Kim decided to rock at the one and only Paris Fashion week, but I mean, let’s be honest, Kanye probably picked it out. I will tell you that I am in love with that jacket. The white with silver accent’s is simply on point.

So I’d like to give you a couple pieces of advice that my mother taught me regarding fashion.

1. It’s always better to be over dressed than underdressed. Regardless of the environment, whether it’s a half day on a friday, running to the grocery store, an interview, or a date, you just never know. You never know who you’ll run into, where the wind will take you, or what might happen, so it’s always better to be prepared. And let me tell you, walking down the hallway in those Alaia heels had some heads turning. You don’t think your basic yoga pants can do that do you?

2. Basic is boring. Yes, you’ll always have your staples: LBD, white button down, and some nude heels. However, staples never got you anywhere without adding a little flare. ACCESSORIZE , ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE! If you’re planning on rocking an little black dress tomorrow, throw a hot pink blazer over it with orange heels. Show your creativity and you’re ability to let loose with your style. Self expression is first impression.

3. Last but not least: always look back and smile. If you looked in the mirror 10 years ago and was satisfied with what you had on, there is no reason to ever regret that decision. You tried something  new and you liked it, at the time. Yes, fads fade and what was trendy may not be trending again for another 10 years, but don’t be ashamed of it. Also, always look back and smile at the cutie that said hey! ;)

So my friends, that’s where I leave you. You, me, and Dupree style- except I’ll be walking away in Alaia’s. Haha!

Ta Ta for now!

Have Fun With The Tulip Skirt

What better name to give a skirt than naming it after a flower? One of my favorite and most versatile styles of skirts is the Tulip Skirt. Just like the pretty flower that it is named after, the Tulip Skirt is like a flower itself. It is something that everyone will enjoy because it comes in so many shapes and styles. The tulip skirt can be worn in so many ways. Depending on the type you choose, you can wear a tulip skirt or dress to work, out for a date, or even on a casual Saturday Stroll through the park. I’ll take you through all the different ways you can wear a tulip skirt below. However, if you are in desperate need of a tulip skirt take a look at some skirts here:

Taking the Tulip Skirt To A Wedding

Weddings are usually places that you will commonly run into your immediate or long-distance family, or in some cases your best friends parents. Whatever the type of Wedding, a tulip dress is the perfect way to present yourself at these type of events. Take a look at this dress that would be perfect to wear to a wedding:


This floral print dress is classy and cute. The floral print makes it fun, and the small belt brings out the shape of your body. As you can see, the tulip skirt of the dress puffs out a bit. However, the part that puffs out contrasts with the your small waist that is even more pronounced with the thin belt wrapped around your waist.

A Night Out

From classy to a little more risqué, make your tulip skirt a little tighter and shorter. Take a look at this perfect skirt for a night out:


One of my new favorite skirts are the angled cut skirts, such as this one. However, this one brings more to the entire look with the texture coming from the tulip style.  This skirt is a lot tighter than the tulip dress I presented in my earlier example, but when matched with the right top you can still be elegant and sexy. This sparkly silver color would be perfect for the Holidays! Just add some sheer black tights and black booties and you’re ready for the New Year! I also love how they paired this particular skirt with a drapy long-sleeve top that was still able to be tucked in. If you’re going to wear a shorter skirt that shows off those long legs of yours be sure to pair it with a top that shows off a little less skin. Thus, this a long sleeve top is usually ideal with a tighter and shorter skirt. I also love tucking in my tops to a higher-waisted skirt to really accentuate the length of my legs.

Saturday Afternoons

Another perfect place to wear a tulip skirt is on a day out shopping with your friends or on your day off! Take a look at this cute tulip dress on Nordstrom that has this bright pink color to give it even more of a pop!


SOTD: Mint Heels

This week’s shoe of the day are my Jeffrey Campbell mint heels from Nasty Gal. In part, they are my favorite pair of pumps because they make my legs look killer. I also love them because it’s just the most subtle pop of mint that blends silver with tan so you can almost wear anything with them!

mint heels

I had been doing some start of the season shopping when I spotted these guys. I knew in the back of my mind I would end up getting them, but I did a little window shopping anyways.

I did find some super cute other options here if you’re on the prowl for some variation.

Mint is basically my new love right now, and I’ve been getting so many compliments for it also! I’m not talking about wearing an all out mint jumpsuit like Britney with her and JT’s jean outfit, but pops of mint are perfect for any season and any occasion. You can honestly rock a bit of mint any time. You might naturally think mint looks best and can only be worn in the spring, which it definitely can, but that’s not the only time. Mint looks great in the spring because the flowers are starting to blossom and the pop of fresh, clean, light is beautiful after a long dreary winter. However, it also looks great in the winter.

mint headband

A cute winter accessory such as a scarf, hat, or headband, like the one shown above, matches perfectly with the blue tones of winter, from snow, to cold, to the clear blue sky. Not to mention it’ll look great with the majority of outwear which tends to be dark colors. You could even do a mint headband and pair it with mint gloves. They will be far enough apart from each other on your body and your jacket will break it up enough to look ultra cute! I wouldn’t recommend a scarf with a headwrap though, they’re too close together it could get weird.

So guys, I highly recommend dipping your fingers into the mint department, just be sure to not go too crazy with it. Keeping it subtle is key, like the subtle pop of mint in the heels above. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to any colors, styles, trends, that are different than your usual black, straight hair, jewelry and more.

Be sure to check out my next blog post as I’ll be covering my outfit that I wore with those heels. So many compliments you guys are going to love it! Until next time!

The quest for the perfect maroon dress

So this year for the big school Valentine’s Day dance, I really wanted to wear a maroon dress. Most girls will be wearing bright red or pink and I want to stand out! However, the quest for the perfect maroon dress was a lot harder than I thought. It just seemed like no stores had any cute dresses that also came in maroon. I was getting very frustrated, but that just made me want a maroon dress even more.

Let me back up, see I had gotten asked to the dance by the cutest boy ever! His name is Phillip, and he has the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes that I have ever seen. Seriously, like I can’t even. Anyways, I won this essay contest and was going to be honored at the dance, meaning that Phillip and I would have to do a spot lit dance and enter the dance along with the other essay winner’s and their dates. That was when I knew I had to be on point when it came to my dress.

As I said before, I had my heart set on maroon. It is one of my favorite colors and perfect for a Valentine’s Day dance. I searched stores like Charlotte Russe and they had nothing. Click here to see! I was getting very frustrated. Then my girlfriend told me about this new shopping app that she had just downloaded called Resultly. I typed in my search term “maroon dress” and was instantly given tons and tons of maroon dresses to pick from! Check out my maroon dress search here. Now I had options!

After looking through all of my options I came across the perfect maroon dress. It is from Macy’s and I was able to buy it directly from the Macy’s website.

maroon dress


Above is the dress I ended up deciding on! Isn’t is perfect? I”m obsessed with the ruffle on the front! After I found the perfect maroon dress it was time to focus on my shoes. I wanted to find a pair of sparkly shoes that would really pop on the dance floor.

My search for the shoes was a lot easier than my quest for the dress. My best friend let me barrow a pair of sparkly heels that she already owned! They looked amazing with my maroon dress.

glitter pumps


They looked perfect with my dress and gave me just the pop my look needed. The dance when off without a hitch and was amazing! It was one of the most fun nights of my life. I also got so many compliments on my maroon dress! Everyone was loving it. I can’t wait to find a chance to wear my stunning maroon dress again!


OOTD: Chiffon Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

My outfit of the day was inspired by my unshaven legs and a little creativity. Chiffon has become a staple in my closet as it’s perfect for tops or bottoms. I had been running errands all day when I realized that I really needed to stop and start getting ready for my date that night. I rushed in the shower because I am very much aware of how long it takes me and my hair to get to a decently, I-will-not-scare-him-away look. I got out of the shower and had a little over an hour, so my natural late self said that was more than enough time.  With my hair wrapped in a towel on top of my head and robe tied up tight, I put on some tunes and casually started dancing around my room while thinking of what I would wear. As I start putting hair products in my hair, I begin considering going the dress route, but sometimes I feel that’s a little too much for a first date, better to keep it casual. Don’t want to look like i’m trying too hard do i? Hell no. So, I grab my big round brush and start doing my hair. Next up is makeup. Get a little powder going, a dash of bronzer and zero blush, alcohol and irish cheeks don’t mesh well. Once I got my eyes all done up I had about 20 minutes to spare so I’m standing there looking at my closet thinking, wow good for me this is perfect timing. So as the first leg goes into the right leg of my shorts, I look down and… MY LEGS AREN’T SHAVED. Well this is just PERFECT. Mkkkk so he’s going to be here in 10 minutes at this point and there’s no way I’m hopping back in the shower- the steam alone will make my hair frizz.


So thank goodness little old me is a creative lady, I looked at my options and pulled out my favorite pleated chiffon maxi skirt. There could not have been a better solution to my.. situation. I pulled it together in the very little time that I had. With a black crop top and some tall boots (just in case it was a bit windy) I had pulled it off.

chiffon maxi skirt
Click here for chiffon maxi skirts
Click here for Black crop top

Little did my date ever know that I was slightly unprepared. But he did ask me on a second and since then we’ve had four more and are now dating. So ladies, maybe this could be a valuable lesson. Don’t shave the legs, go plan B, and get the guy! haha :)